Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. (Mrs) Moyosore Makinde
Experience 9+ Years
Specialty and Certifications
Practice Area Consultant Family Physician
Certifications MBBS (Ibadan), FMCFM, FWACP, DipIBLM/SOLONg


Dr. (Mrs) Moyosore Makinde, MBBS (Ibadan), FMCFM, FWACP, DipIBLM/SOLONg is a Consultant Family Physician and board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician. She has been practising for the past 18 years having worked in various public and private medical institutions.

She is presently a Consultant at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital where she trains resident doctors and runs a special lifestyle medicine clinic.

She is a member of several professional bodies; the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA),  Society of Family Physicians of Nigeria (SOFPON), Society of Lifestyle Medicine of Nigeria (SOLONg), and the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) where she holds the office of General Secretary for the Young Doctors Movement for Africa, AfriWon Renaissance.

She is also the founder of a not-for-profit organisation, Lifestyle Champions International which focuses on lifestyle education, mentoring, behavioural change and group support to help sustain healthy lifestyle choices. The NGO also advocates for the empowerment of women experiencing domestic & sexual violence.

She is a child of God and is happily married with children.