Antenatal Care

With the understanding that it is the desire of every woman to have a healthy baby, the period of pregnancy and child birth is highly treasured by every woman and family, yet risky if not properly managed.

At Soteria maternity and Hospital, we get involved each step of the way, right from conception to delivery. We care for the needs of our expectant mothers, spirit soul and body, providing a home and a community for all expectant mothers. We aspire to provide a safe and sound delivery for all mothers.

What we do?

  1. Give affordable standard care for all expectant mothers.
  2. Provide a Home and a community that all expectant mothers can fit in and get support.
  3. Give tailored health care for every pregnant woman.
  4. Health education for expectant mothers, including what to expect throughout pregnancy, labour, and care for the expected baby.
  5. Immunization for expectant mother and child after delivery.
  6. Efficient follow up of our clients both during and after delivery.

With access to

24 Hour



For any question you may have, consultation, appointment or more, You can book an appointment with our consultants.

Service Recipient Says

The care and support from the moment we entered to the time we left was awesome. I had convinced my husband to allow me bring him to SOTERIA HOSPITAL as I have 100% assurance that anything coming from our daddy Pastor Wole Oladiyun has the backing of the Holy Spirit and to God be the glory we did not regret the decision.

Bukola Adesoye